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Explorer Club is all about getting active outside.  Established in 2014, Explorer Club's mission is to get kids active, outdoors and into nature.  

Science has proven that time in nature reduces anxiety, stress and rapidly enhances in brain development - what's more it is simply fun to be outdoors!  We facilitate outside time - providing room for exploration, risk taking, freedom and a deeper connection with nature.  1 in 5 kids suffers from anxiety in some way, providing a connection with nature is the perfect antidote with the added benefit that kids gain resilience, learn to be resourceful and learn valuable skills in how they interact with others.   

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The boys had a fantastic time. They typically don’t take risks so your program is exactly what they need. I will be booking them in each holiday.
— Michelle
Branch Out would not be successful without impeccable customer service. As parents we
entrust our children to their care and leadership….as you can imagine parents are a highly demanding customer!
— Lisa